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Friday, October 28, 2011

Unoa again?

Hi everyone~
I'm still here, working on my not-new-anymore BJD that is still split into pieces and can't be assembled >< Next time I get a doll (if any) I'll make sure that I can take pictures of it shortly.
I finally got a head for my Dollstown elf body - that's the good news. I now need to finish it's modding and reshape the neck joint. I've done some more mods on the body as well, I would do some more but I'm going to get this over since I'm really getting tired of this project.

At least I'm going to have a unoa at home again, a Zero this time :D

(Face before modding)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

LDoll 2011 - how it went

I didn't get a chance to attend ldoll last year, so it was mostly a surprise for me, I didn't really know what to expect from it. And I must say I totally had fun all the way! All the dolls, items and decorations were awesome of course, but people were the most amaizing point of those two days - everyone was so nice and warm and friendly! So that I could have a chat with various people I didn't know, great artists, old friends, and the wonderful Ldoll Staff, what a delight ^^

And I got back from Lyon with one and a half extra dolls! Those were heavy :D
The half one goes for the Switch Milhwa head I bought there at the Switch booth <3 I gave it a temporary faceup and am thinking about a body him...

And the one doll is a lovely Kaye Wiggs Faun Nelly that I won at the customisation contest! I totally did not expect to be the winner, and was as happy as can be, I'm such a lucky and spoiled girl *o* She is so neat in real life, her body is very cute, she poses nicely and the resin is so blazing white! I'm so ashamed that I can't keep her - she's amazing but she's already fully-customized, and very different from other dolls I own :( She sits at my bed table for the moment, all cute and fluffy, making me feel guilty for not keeping her ^^

I can't wait for next time - and I'll be buying more stuff next time for sure, and getting pictures as well!
My camera glitched when I wanted to take some, so I simply do not have any :( Happilly people took plenty of them and you can see those on flikr :)

Cheers everyone, and thank you for being such lovely people!