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This page will be used for the frequently asked questions and all misc info that you might be interested in.
Feel free to post questions, I'll try to answer them all :)

General questions:
- What you see on this blog are BJD - asian ball-jointed dolls. You can learn more about those here.
- I do not make these dolls. I do sculpt a bit, but the dolls I own - I did not make them. I bought them.
- I paint and modify my BJD, I customize them myself. But I do not make clothes or accessories, they are made by other awesome artists or bought from various stores/companies.
- I customize dolls because I want them to look like the characters I draw, and I use them to decorate my house.
- I will not sell you my dolls, I don't do that on a regular basis.
- I do face-ups but I do not take face-up commissions for the moment.

Commissions : Face-up and Customisation Service:
•  Commissions are closed.

• I don't regulary take commissions, I randomly open one or two slots from time to time.
• I dont' ever reproduce an existing face-up, whether it's mine or not.
• I accept only the molds and customisations that I feel comfortable with, it works far better this way.

Modifications info:
• I use a dremel and an art knife and sanding paper for sustractive modifications,
• Epoxy resin for additionnal modifications.

Face-ups info:
• I use soft pastels, acrylics, watercolor and watercolor pencils.
• I don't normally glue lashes.