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Story: Characters

The ABJD I currently own and their characters.

Vice (Zaoll Luv Boy mod)
Skin/resin color: Nomal pinky
Species: Alien (Iridae)
Profession: Soldier
Age: Officially 24 years
Eyes: Black pupilless
Hair: Black and spikey
Story: Beyond Vice

Rei (Zaoll Muse Boy mod)
Skin/resin color: paper White
Species: Machina
Profession: Machina
Age: 6 months
Eyes: Beige
Hair : Golden blond
Story: Deus In Machina

Amaris (Unoa Akubi/i-bi)
Skin/resin color: Nomal yellow (1.5)
Species: Human
Profession: Courtisan
Age : 19
Eyes: Green
Hair : wears a Curly pale bond wig
Story: Strories of the Vain