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Friday, November 22, 2013

Broken robot, flowerhead

I didn' post the pictures of what this head has become either ^^"

Solan, the broken robot whom Réi has found on the Edge of Koross. He's split onto pieces and scattered aroud the place, but he still works. He actually is quite a nice, friendly fellow and likes to have long talks with visitors about anything at all. Réi would very much like to find spare parts and fix him, maybe someday he can be whole again?

More pictures and  the face-up walkthrough:

Update on Sculpting progress

I'm so sorry for not updating for ages >< I've been sculpting a lot, working on older and new projects, and I have too many of them going on.

Here's a little update, the Cleric and Hunter faceplates are doing well, they still need more sanding though. The Berserk faceplate of which I don't have any recent pictures gets its coating. 

And I've been mostly concentrated on a 30cm doll, Kirai Solan which is fairly new. The 30cm Kirai body is that of a robot with cartoonish shapes, very stylized anatomy and cute proportions. Solan faceplate should not be the only one for this doll, but I won't be working on any other ones for the moment. Not until I have all of it done ^^"

I'll try to get more pictures next week :)