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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Petit Prince

Je n'ai toujours pas avancé la custo de cette doll. 
Pourtant je l'aime bien, j'en ai donc fait quelques photos d'une grande banalité:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Good robot

Rei is a good robot. He is obedient and calm, thoughtful, polite. He wants to fulfill his purpose.
Yet he is curious about all sort of things and underneath it all he has courage and determination of his own. And he may yet find a different purpose for himself than the one he knows of.

I changed Rei's face-up for the sake of giving him a slightly different expression, it's a lso a tiny bit less girlish, I think.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Face-up Tutorial

Well, not a real tutorial, just a walkthrough, actually.
Narsha and Zaoll face-up:

Unless I've skipped some I did these ones in three steps:
- First step defines the color  areas of the face, where which color goes, using the lighter shades of each tint. I also usually define the mouth line at that stage unless I forget it^^"
- Second step is for accentuating colors, use darker and more saturated variations, start working on the skin texture and define the eye-brow shapes. I usually try the eyes on at that point in order to make sure the facial expression is coming out fine.
- Third step comes with details: more skin texture, lashes, mouth details, eye-brow details, while the darker parts of the face-up get more dense color with extra layers of pastel.

And then a layer of gloss or two, and here we are :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Petite nouvelle

C'est sans trop y réfléchir que j'ai enfin cédé à l'envie d'avoir une Narsha chez moi, et là voilà, c'est une petite chose merveilleuse et fort bien faite (sauf au niveau des genoux qui me posent quelques souci). 

Donc pas de regrets donc, mais beaucoup de questions que je me pose sur sa custo... qui n'est toujours absolument pas décidée. Mais peu importe, j'avais envie de lui faire quelques petites modifications sur le visage et un face-up, juste pour m'en faire une meilleure idée.