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Story: Livre d'Ezekiel

Nothing to do with the famous prophet, Ezekiel is a strange and uncommon boy who took this name for his own ever since he has cast himself away.
The incident that took his legs away has also cost many human lives - and the fact that he himself was the one origin of the incident made him leave it all behind by changing name and appearance. Ezekiel has the power of healing and restoring his own flesh and bone, so that he could actually make his body whole and sound again. Instead, he would keep his intricate prosthetic limbs and bone reinforcements, as a permanent reminder of the very reason why he ran away from his former life.
Name : Ezekiel (fake name, actually)
Species: Deity (unknown)
Profession: Bounty hunter, hacker, prostitute, space navigater, scavenger, racer, raider.
Age: unknows. supposably around early 20s.

Character: over provocative, suggestive, making up this way for his complexes.

None, basically, or at least he tries not to get involved in any kind of long-term relationships, changing location quite often.