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Monday, September 26, 2011

Cuts and Curves

Teaser time! I'm about 50% done with the body this far. 
That means still half-way to go, so it doesn't look very fancy for the moment, all unpolished and raw. 
I'll be telling more about what I'm trying to do here later on :) 
For now I gotta get more sandpaper  and be finishing the resculpting work.


  1. aww,wonderful!! i really want to see the finished modifiaction *o*

  2. Wonderful ♥
    I'm curious to see the finished body!
    Will you show it to the body maker (Anjunghak)? It could be interesting... but you do what you want!

  3. Thank you everyone!♥

    crazyinks, actually I was thinking about showing it to the scuptor, I probably will, but I'll have to finish working on it first anyway...and put a head on it^^" Pourquoi je te parle anglais d'ailleurs, tu peux me dire? XD

  4. Because you écris everything in anglish en premier lieu? Donc c'est ta faute si je baragouine en frenglish et que tu réponds tout pareil! :p
    Mais sans blague, je suis très curieuse de la réaction du sculpteur. Bon en même temps ils disent toujours "wow trop bo" pour vexer personne... Pis comme la tête ne sera pas de chez eux, pas grave si il est headless, non? XD