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Thursday, September 1, 2011

A sudden stranger

I've been drooling over this company's web site for months frustrated and  wishing I could get my hand on one of those wonders, so I could not resist a new preorder and got myself a Soseo head from Switch!
Very happy about it, though I don't know if I can put that head on a body and keep it (I wish I could!) but I can't wait to give it a faceup. The amaizing picture comes from Switch official site.


  1. I know all too well about the impulse SWITCH buy...>>

    Though I did mine when it was still So Nyeon Gi or Sweetsosweet or...I don't know I'm very confused by this company lol

    But in any case I'm sure he'll be gorgeous (whether you can keep him or not...)!

  2. Lol you're lucky! I've actually run into them when switch was So Nyeon Gi, but went "naaah don't need." because I only wanted an MSD at that point. Sometime later I've stumbled upon Switch again when Rusi came out and damn I was unexpectedly on the verge of buyng that head, but I didn't know it was that limited, - it was sold out so fast that I had no chance of even seing it not "sold-out". And then I've just started stalking Switch, which resulted in me getting Soseo :D