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Monday, April 4, 2011

Go for it.

I have been wondering what Rei would look like with another face, whether it would turn out more simillar to what I wanted or not, and after hesitating for a moment, I just went : mneh, why wondering, let's just go for it and see what happens.
So of course I had to get the luv face - that froggie-mothed and potatoe-nosed face that looks unexpectedly pretty and is so well-balanced. But I couldn't keep my art knife avaw from it for more then a minute. Modded lips and eyes, my usual thing I guess. I would have wanted the moth to be half-open but I have already leared how hard it is to open a thin firmly closed mouth nicely.
I had a hadr time dealing with the faceup as well, but now here he is, probably better then ever :D
So one thing I'll try to sick to (again) - when you really feel like trying something - go for it.


  1. I certainly like the lips more on this mold, they look more . . . natural but at the same time at home with the robotic feel. ^^

  2. Fascinating work! How did you mod his body so extremely? Did you only carve or did you add material as well.

  3. Holeinthemoon, I just love those lips...I wanted to try another mold though.

    αυвєяgιиє♥, I did both carve and add bits of epoxy sculpted over the resin :3 thanks!

  4. It's beautiful! What are you using to carve? A knife or dremmel...sandpaper?