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Story: Deus In Machina

Name : Rei
Species: Nimae Machina
Profession: Machina
Age: 6 months
Birth Place: Koross

Full Name: Nimaë Kiraï Réi - states that he is an Artificial Being that belongs to Koross, the capital city where he was made, and created under the sign of Rei (the 7th lette of the alchemic alphabet).

Curious and studious, cold-blooded and cold-tempered, he is rather emotionless like a Machina should be, although not completely deprived of feelings, and often is thoughtful about many things only he knows about.

Tellerion Cross - his mentor and Fah-Ran - the supervisor of his evolution. Then comes Tzu and Seon - a couple of Machinas Rei meets during his initiation program. Azra, one of the Nimae that did not make it up to the Machina level and remains a Golem, living among the people and serving them. She is the closest thing Rei has ever had to a girlfriend. Vito, Kinaya, Sanae and Jun are members of different gangs that he comes to travel with. Jasper becomes his mechanic after Rei leaves Koross with Tellerion. And Hilua provides him a living place.