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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Merry Christmas everyone! And here's a teaser for you :)

I'm mostly done with modding and painting Ezekiel, at least for now.
I'm not sure If I'm happy with it or not, I'm fine with his legs whille the torso makes me feel dubious. 
But  I'll have to wait until I get my camera back , no real pictures for now.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Comparison shot

You can still figure out that it's the same mold straight ahead, but it seems to me that they look rather different, 
what do you think?

I do need to re-do Vice's face-up though, the mouth needs to be slightly different, lesst heart-shaped, plus the blush should be darker and less red. But I'm kinda scared to change him D:

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas is coming...

A quick photo set with Ezekiel ans some xmas spirit!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Le bout du tunnel!

Ce n'est pas encore l'aboutissement du projet mais je commence à voir enfin le bout du tunnel! Ezékiel a enfin une tête sur les épaules, et elle va y rester même si ça m'attriste presque de devoir me restreindre au même moule que j'ai déjà pu exploiter deux fois auparavant. Après avoir tenté une Glorydoll Lucy, une Unoa zero, une Zaol Ramie c'est bien une Luv que j'ai choisit pour des rasons évidentes de compatibilité au niveau des proportions mais également pour ses traits de visage aussi féminins que masculins, facilement modelables, qui conviennent bien pour le personnage que je tente d'incarner.

Le visage a donc été modifié, entièrement blushé pour passer du blanc éclatant de la résine white dollmore au jaune-beige du Dollstown Freshskin. Le cou aussi a été modifié car contrairement à la Ramie qui s'hybrde à merveille sur ce corps, la luv (et donc aussi la muse) ayant un headback et un port de tête complètement different ne s'y prête pas aussi bien.
Le faceup es susceptible d'être modifié prochainement mais les grandes lignes y sont. Il me reste "plus" qu'à lui trouve ses yeux, sa wig, peindre et blusher le corps, trouver quelqu'un pour l'habiller...bref, encore du travail :) Mais j'ai une doll entière qui commence à ressembler à quelque chose, c'est déjà ça!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Guess who

A temporary faceup for my Zaoll Ramie. Not quite what I've been expecting. But I had much fun with the mods! Wig and eyes re also mostly temporary... or at least I do hope so.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Faceup: Switch Milhwa

My Milhwa finally has a faceup that looks right^^

Monday, November 7, 2011

Unoa Zero Adventures

Je me suis donc amusée avec une hybridation de Unoa Zero Latea sur corps Dollstown Elf. Malgré le fait d'avoir apprécié une unoa encore une fois je n'en suis pas satisfaite du résultat ni de la concordance du moule avec le personnage prévu. Le visage au final est stylisé manga à mort, en plus d'être très rond et féminin. Je pense que la tête entière passera en la vente.
Plus d'images du faceup et des proportions :

Friday, October 28, 2011

Unoa again?

Hi everyone~
I'm still here, working on my not-new-anymore BJD that is still split into pieces and can't be assembled >< Next time I get a doll (if any) I'll make sure that I can take pictures of it shortly.
I finally got a head for my Dollstown elf body - that's the good news. I now need to finish it's modding and reshape the neck joint. I've done some more mods on the body as well, I would do some more but I'm going to get this over since I'm really getting tired of this project.

At least I'm going to have a unoa at home again, a Zero this time :D

(Face before modding)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

LDoll 2011 - how it went

I didn't get a chance to attend ldoll last year, so it was mostly a surprise for me, I didn't really know what to expect from it. And I must say I totally had fun all the way! All the dolls, items and decorations were awesome of course, but people were the most amaizing point of those two days - everyone was so nice and warm and friendly! So that I could have a chat with various people I didn't know, great artists, old friends, and the wonderful Ldoll Staff, what a delight ^^

And I got back from Lyon with one and a half extra dolls! Those were heavy :D
The half one goes for the Switch Milhwa head I bought there at the Switch booth <3 I gave it a temporary faceup and am thinking about a body him...

And the one doll is a lovely Kaye Wiggs Faun Nelly that I won at the customisation contest! I totally did not expect to be the winner, and was as happy as can be, I'm such a lucky and spoiled girl *o* She is so neat in real life, her body is very cute, she poses nicely and the resin is so blazing white! I'm so ashamed that I can't keep her - she's amazing but she's already fully-customized, and very different from other dolls I own :( She sits at my bed table for the moment, all cute and fluffy, making me feel guilty for not keeping her ^^

I can't wait for next time - and I'll be buying more stuff next time for sure, and getting pictures as well!
My camera glitched when I wanted to take some, so I simply do not have any :( Happilly people took plenty of them and you can see those on flikr :)

Cheers everyone, and thank you for being such lovely people!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cuts and Curves

Teaser time! I'm about 50% done with the body this far. 
That means still half-way to go, so it doesn't look very fancy for the moment, all unpolished and raw. 
I'll be telling more about what I'm trying to do here later on :) 
For now I gotta get more sandpaper  and be finishing the resculpting work.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Resin-work is in progress!

No pictures yet, but I can assure you I've been working on a new custom bjd project, mostly on the body for the moment since the head is - still - not shipped yet. I'v already made some changes I was aiming for (and they did give me some hard time already ) and I've still got a hella lot of work to do.

 If I should give any hint about it, here's one : There will be blood :)

I'll try to get some wip pictures this week end if it's going well enough.

Monday, September 19, 2011

LDoll - Lyon 2011

It's all sorted out, I'll be attending the LDoll festival in Lyon this year! I'll be around on Saturday and probably on Sunday as well. I'll bring Réi with me for the Customisation Contest that is held on Saturday, but I don't think I'll be carrying him around the following day. Vice stayes at home though, maybe next time.

Hope to see you there^^

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A sudden stranger

I've been drooling over this company's web site for months frustrated and  wishing I could get my hand on one of those wonders, so I could not resist a new preorder and got myself a Soseo head from Switch!
Very happy about it, though I don't know if I can put that head on a body and keep it (I wish I could!) but I can't wait to give it a faceup. The amaizing picture comes from Switch official site.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


A tiny delicate doll that was such a pain to face-up and such a delign to manipulate :)

This HeeAh belongs to Laure, and I've been keeping her for a little white in order to give her a face :3
Never mind the shiny eyes, I wish I had a pair of nice glass eyes of her size to try on her.
Did I mention that this doll is all so thin and cute and very graceful? :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Waiting For...

Je suis un peu en pause en ce moment niveau dolls - d'une part j'attends l'arrivée de plusieurs commandes de résine et autres accessoires, d'autre part (et c'est déjà plus embêtant ) mon temps c'est fait absorber à 99,9% par le boulot. Je ne vais donc pas pouvoir tout faire de ce que j'avais prévu dans un premier temps en termes de photos, custo, faceup. Mais ça viendra :)
Il y a toute fois du nouveau : j'ai vendu ma tête OR-Doll,
et je pense à vendre aussi ma tête volante de Zaoll Muse très modifiée.
comme ça, je m'autoriserais peut être une autre tête à la place de celles-ci et en plus de la doll qui arrive.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Zaoll Legacy

A sort of a doll change meme I did just with zaolls I've recently face-uped. 
The Muse head is just for fun though, the other two are complete dolls of mine.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I'm enjoynig this doll again, very happy about my deciding to redo it's faceup and teh fact that it worked out well in the end ! Looks like Vice is my #1 BJD again.  Among unrelated news, I've sold my OR-Doll head that is surely pretty and uber masculine but totally floating and bodyless. This will let me take better care of my in-coming bjd :)
But for now, the black singularity :

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cookie monster

Soudain j'ai eu l'envie de refaire le faceup de Vice. J'avais du mal avec lui dernièrement à cause des outfits qui ne lui vont pas, sa wig ui ne demande qu'à être changée, son blush qui crie au dissolvant et sa photogénie hasardeuse. Come je ne pouvais pas faire grand chose d'autre, je me suis défoulée sur son faceup.
J'en ai profité pour lui re-modifier sa bouche avec une fausse mini-ouverture.

New faceup and mods for Vice :3

+2 Pictures :

Friday, July 29, 2011

"My Mechanical Friend"

Zaoll Muse basic white,
new mods and faceup. 
That's Oen, one or Réi's ceramical friends.

With my Zaoll Luv mod :

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Quelque petis détails...


Réï somehow always turns out nicely when I take pictures, unlike Vice.
Just a pain face shot, because I like it :

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Petit week end très sympa avec une rencontre BJD chez moi^^
Les dolls sont celles de Esthy, Lulla, Laure et Yukito, plus les miennes.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


New doll coming in in a couple of months (I hate waiting), I don't have a name for it, I'm not sure If I'm going to stick with anything I've previously used or find something new...but I do have a certain amount of facts about that character :

- He dyes his hair red, you wouldn't ever guess his natural hair color.
- He wears contacts as well, always does.
- He limps, sometimes you wouldn't even notice, and sometimes he hardly walks at all.
- He's got a weak spot about wounds, literally and  figuratively.
- He usually wears something bright, scandalous or rebelious-looking.
- He is both self-destructive and utterly scared of all forms of destruction.
- He doesn't know how to react at pity nor compassion.
- He has the ability to heal and regenerate his own body.
- He rarely makes friends, but somehow people often like him.

I don't have a drawing of him for the moment,  too much work so little time ^^"

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mystery doll

Il s'en est fallu de peu, mais j'ai commandé le Elf Body de chez Dollstown, il reste plus qu'à attendre deux mois, et régler un tout petit détail : trouver une tête pour ce corps... Si quelqu'un voit une tête de Glorydoll Lucy passer, faitez-moi un signe s'il vous plait ;) Sinon, le corps m'a l'aire plutôt angulaire et pas très féminin, surtout à côté d'une Zaoll, sachant que j'en ai chez moi, je compte donc en faire un garçon. Je laisse le mystère planner sur le nom et la custo prévue pour le moment ^^

Ready or not, I've managed to get a Dollstown Elf body from the last preorder. Now I need to bear the two months of wait - and get a decent head for that body...if you ever see a Glorydoll Lucy head nearby, please let me know :) And since the body looks kinda boying to me, especially compared to a Zaoll, I'm gonna make a boy ot of it. Not telling you anything about the name or the customisation I have planned yet ;)

Picture by Dollstown.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Old an new Resin!

I'm not really into taking pictures right now, just wanted to mention two things :

- Vice is now 1 year old, so anniversary-time, kind of ? :D
- I've ordered a new doll (yet again, - kind of) that will be my 3rth SD, 

That would make me have 3 SD and 2 misc (1 tiny and 1 floating head) BJD.
And I feel like I ought to stop for the moment.
But for now, just Vice :

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Raw Sculpt

I have been working on a BJD prototype, it's a discontinuous process and sometimes I even almost forget that I should finish her sometime :D As the title says it's very raw and need not only sanding and polishing, but moreover more sculpting work and also adjust those joints. For now, some facts :
- She is made of Ladoll airdry clay.
- She is around 44cm high.
- She is very loose for the moment, especially the arms.
- She has a faceplate head system.
- She has two-toed feet, but I still have to finish those properly.
- She is a robot/mecha like Réi, my Zaoll.
- She was supposed to have high-heeled feet and I even made a pair, but they are too unstable.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Still Waters

Still bodyless but much more decorative :


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Something new

I gave it a first faceup to see how it would look with one. The face is that of an old character of mine Deekay, a sea-zomie (that's a long story).
The point is I seriously don't know what to do about that head : the sculpt is really wonderful, it's realistic, it's very male and it's purdy. But I won't ever have a body for it ^^"


Monday, May 23, 2011


Réi's faceup was refreshed, it mainly stayes the same, I just made it sharper, softer and more detailed.
I also had some stuff made of him : awesome corset by Asella and goggled by syrinxfox.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have been looking up to it for several months and I have naturally ordered it as soon as it was cast in resin : the new Or-doll sculpt that was meant to picture a 35 years old man, Anderl.
I fell totally in love with the dreamy eye-lids, those full open lips and sharp cheeck and jaw bones, and with the anatomical smartness of the whole of it.
I have a character I would like to put on it, and I can't wait to paint it, although I do have no idea about a body to put it on. I have previously tried getting an SD-sized BJD, and failed in appreciating it because it was so huge and clumsy, so I'm not planning to buy a body for the moment, I have something else in mind...

(picture by Rene)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Y a pas photo.

C'est drôle je n'ai plus envie de faire des photos "artistiques" de mes dolls, juste des photos de bonne qualité, sans plus, de temps en temps.
Probablement parce que la photo, au final c'est très contraignant au niveau des accessoires, lumières, espace - et le résultat ne rentre pas vraiment dans le cadre de ce que j'imagine autours de mes personnages.
En fait pour faire des photos artistiques et originales il me faudrait pouvoir se détacher des univers, personnages et autres considérations pour n'exploiter que l'objet "poupée",  tout ce qu'on peut construire autours de ça, avec une imagerie appropriée et vaguement inspirée du "modèle" original.
Mais bon, ça, ce sera peut être pour la prochaine?

Friday, May 6, 2011


Rust and the machine god.

Down on Earth

Il fallait bien lui consacrer encore une petite série :
Vice, au naturel, tel quel.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wishlist revue et corrigée :

Je me rends compte que j'ai encore des envies niveau doll, même si j'aurais du remplir mon quota pour cette année. C'était prévisible, mais ce sera difficilement réalisable, comme à mon habitude. 
La wishlist est pour le moment constituée de deux custo, deux petites SD 50-55 cm :

Un modèle asses masculin faisant référence à mon personnage mort-vivant noyé (Deekay) qui est un autre de mes perso clés. Il faudrait absolument un visage assez dur sur un corps masculin et naturel, mais ça, je peux toujours rêver.
Et un modèle de support pour une custo très colorée, peut être pour réincarner Amaris, ça reste encore un peu flou - là j'ai un peu plus de liberté pour le moule, mais de la même façon j'aimerais découvrir quelque chose qui me plait vraiment.

Je complète cette liste par des envies passagères tels que :
- Chibi unoaNarsha et  Heeah qui me plaisent beaucoup, mais qui n'ont pas leur place chez moi pour le moment.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

Go for it.

I have been wondering what Rei would look like with another face, whether it would turn out more simillar to what I wanted or not, and after hesitating for a moment, I just went : mneh, why wondering, let's just go for it and see what happens.
So of course I had to get the luv face - that froggie-mothed and potatoe-nosed face that looks unexpectedly pretty and is so well-balanced. But I couldn't keep my art knife avaw from it for more then a minute. Modded lips and eyes, my usual thing I guess. I would have wanted the moth to be half-open but I have already leared how hard it is to open a thin firmly closed mouth nicely.
I had a hadr time dealing with the faceup as well, but now here he is, probably better then ever :D
So one thing I'll try to sick to (again) - when you really feel like trying something - go for it.


D'une façon peu attendue, je prends mes distances avec les dolls. J'en profite, toujours ravie d'avoir les miennes chez moi, mais je ressent beaucoup moins le besoin de les prendre en photo, m'en inspirer pour écrire ou dessiner, et surtout - les exposer sur de multiples ressources ou communautés. J'avais déjà ressenti cet envie de garder tout pour moi quand j'avais reçu Vice, en commençant ses modifications, sachant cette custo très particulière et loin, très loin des stéréotypes qui plaisent (et même qui me plaisent) dans le domaine de la BJD.

En ce qui concerne de nouvelles éventuelles acquisitions - j'en aurais toujours envie, mais elle est quelque peu refroidie par le long et laborieux processus de commande, d'attente, réception, ponçage, découpage, faceup, blush, peinture, recherche de wig/vêtements/accessoires/yeux/outils en tout genre qui prends de plus en plus de ressources et qui se trouve être indispensable à chaque nouvelle doll. Bien que très intéressante je trouve cette étape avant tout... fatigante.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birth Symbol

For a Nimae the act of birth and the act of recieving a name turns to one and same thing : that symbol that is carved into the whiteness of its cold ceramic flesh, draining the initial energy into it and allowing the unliving to become alive. That would be one of the 60 sylbols of the ancient alphabet alchemists still make use of for their tricky crafts, chosen carefully and for a reason. Rei - is just one of those.
That symbol is the name the Nimae will carry until it is decided to gift him with another rune, but that is only if its destiny is to become a Machina, otherwise the Nimae will remain nothing but a Golem with no purpose.
A Machina can recieve up to 12 symbols, each one symoblising the spirit it is supposed to become a host for; each one comes along with a thorough upgrade of the artificial being both of it's body and mind.
Rei is one of the 60 symbols, and this is how it gives now Birth :