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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have been looking up to it for several months and I have naturally ordered it as soon as it was cast in resin : the new Or-doll sculpt that was meant to picture a 35 years old man, Anderl.
I fell totally in love with the dreamy eye-lids, those full open lips and sharp cheeck and jaw bones, and with the anatomical smartness of the whole of it.
I have a character I would like to put on it, and I can't wait to paint it, although I do have no idea about a body to put it on. I have previously tried getting an SD-sized BJD, and failed in appreciating it because it was so huge and clumsy, so I'm not planning to buy a body for the moment, I have something else in mind...

(picture by Rene)


  1. That's quite beautiful looking sculpt!

  2. where did you order it?? maybe I'm just dumb, but I can't find it on

  3. Bunnie, isn't it? I wonder what it looks like "in person" ^^

    And it is not available at the web site yet, but if you ask Rene you may be able to get one :)