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Story: The Vain

Name : Amaris 
Species: Human
Profession: Courtisan
Birth Place: unknown
Age : 19

Full name: 
Amaris Vain - the first name is more of his surname since Amaris doesn not belong to a reknown family or any kind of nomble bloodline, he doesn't know much about his parents anyway.

Seems rather soft and somewhat weak, making his a perfect distraction for a willfull person. He does not show most of his feelings, although he can be easilly angered.

Although very independent he finds himself related to most of his clients, not just financially, but emotionally as far as it concearns those who need a companion and someone to confess to more than any rhysical relationship. Other that that he does not mantain any relations, even though most of the female courtisans of the city know and adore him.