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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Looking for an MSD boy body!

Well it looks like Dollchateau body doesn't quite suit me after all - it's nice, but..yeah, could be better.
I though it would be nice to play around with a different style of sculpture, and it was fun! But it's not something I'd eventually keep for good.-I'm not totally fond of the way it poses, and I actually prefere dolls with simple joints.
-It's very thin, and I do like thin dolls, but this one is thin and tall and doesn't have any shapes that would make it look like a boy.

That being said I'm not sure if I'll be able to change the body though. I'm very picky about those.
 I want a slim, edgy, curvy, nicely built teen-ager body. But a babyboy-chubby style like volks. Not a muscular buldgy style like fairyland. The Unoa body would be perfect in terms of aesthetics (although it could use some broader shoulders) but I used to own one and hate the way it poses.
I found myself interested in the Limhwa 43 boy body of Limho Mono - I like the way it looks although its waist is a bit too girlish.  The thing is I have no idea where to get it, how it poses, what does its color looks like and if it could fit the unoa head I would still like to keep... piece of advice, anyone?

For people who wonder what do I intend to do with the Cerisedolls head: I might use it for another project, I'm not sure yet, but I'm not selling it right now, so please don't ask.


  1. I have a Limho Mono - posing wise he isn't too bad for a single jointed doll (I'm unfortunately way too lazy to do advanced poses with my dolls) though mine is sueded and wired.

    As for the fit of the Unoa head on the body, it works (I have a pic - with clothes on - here on flickr:

    Getting: Either through Eosdoll (formerly Limhwa) on flickr ( or (since your're in the EU) Triskel Fantasy Shop (

  2. Roterwolkenvogel, wowo many thanks! Unfortunately I can't tell much from your pictures...the neck seems to be far too short though, or is it just me?

  3. Maybe a dollmore body? I have a lbi head on mine and the body is slender and a little chubby.

  4. Blueoxyde Shall I take some nude pictures for you so that you can see how it looks?
    I think the "too short<"-look was mainly created by the high collar, which was to hide the difference that the head is NS and the body tan xD

  5. Roterwolkenvogel oh yes please, that would be great! ^^

    DusaDelight, the dollmore body is nice indeed, but it's a bit too childish for my character :(

  6. I was just wondering. You mentioned in your post that the Fairyland body is too muscular but Fairyland has 2 boy body types. Why not take a look at the normal body type. Does it fit the criteria? Scroll down to see the body. Hope it helps!

  7. Roterwolkenvogel, thank you! It looks like the neck is a bit too thick though, i gotta give it some thought... it's hard to decide without being able to have a close look ><

    Dear Anonymous, I've actually owned a fairylmand non-muscular body, and it unfortunately isn't any close to a thin-and-skinny type. It's like the muscular body, but all smoothed as if it had no muscles/bones whatsoever - yet it still is as thick as the muscular type. Which I find weird. :(

  8. True that. Nonetheless I can't wait to see what other mods are you going to do on your BJDs^^ I think they are really elegant. Yup.

  9. I know you don't live in the USA but Junkyspot carries Limhwa dolls. :) Mono is instock. I think he's said you contact him for a shipping quote outside of usa?