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Monday, August 20, 2012

Something raw

Well I've started working on this project after all. I'm having a go at the face first, I hope I'll start the body soon as well - I'm not yet sure what technique I could use in order to make hollow curvy and thin body parts. The face is still very raw, and I have no ided how much time is it going to take in order to have it done.

The face is rather special as you can see, it's male, angular, and a bit cartoon. In fact I really tried to stick to this very particular character of mine:

I have to say that it really looks tiny to me, I wish I would have worked on a bigger format - but I wanted to keep the doll MSD-sized and humanly-proportionate with a small head. But I definetly want to have a SD mold sculpted sometime. But for the moment, I want to keep this going...

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I love him! O___O It's not often that you see "rough" masculine features on a doll, even though they have raw beauty in them.

    Good luck for your project, I'd love to see the finished work! ^___^

    Your drawings are amazing and I just love the layout of this blog~ Wow!