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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Raw Sculpt

I have been working on a BJD prototype, it's a discontinuous process and sometimes I even almost forget that I should finish her sometime :D As the title says it's very raw and need not only sanding and polishing, but moreover more sculpting work and also adjust those joints. For now, some facts :
- She is made of Ladoll airdry clay.
- She is around 44cm high.
- She is very loose for the moment, especially the arms.
- She has a faceplate head system.
- She has two-toed feet, but I still have to finish those properly.
- She is a robot/mecha like Réi, my Zaoll.
- She was supposed to have high-heeled feet and I even made a pair, but they are too unstable.


  1. It looks wonderfull already ^^
    I like her face and legs ♥

  2. Une petite merveille *O*
    J'adore ses jambes !

  3. moi aussi j'aime bien ses jambes! mais perso j'amincirais le bas un peu.

    son visage a l'air vraiment superbe! j'ai hâte de voir un closeup ^^