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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Face-up Tutorial

Well, not a real tutorial, just a walkthrough, actually.
Narsha and Zaoll face-up:

Unless I've skipped some I did these ones in three steps:
- First step defines the color  areas of the face, where which color goes, using the lighter shades of each tint. I also usually define the mouth line at that stage unless I forget it^^"
- Second step is for accentuating colors, use darker and more saturated variations, start working on the skin texture and define the eye-brow shapes. I usually try the eyes on at that point in order to make sure the facial expression is coming out fine.
- Third step comes with details: more skin texture, lashes, mouth details, eye-brow details, while the darker parts of the face-up get more dense color with extra layers of pastel.

And then a layer of gloss or two, and here we are :)


  1. mazing.. your face-up is the most perfect!!

  2. Your work is phenomenal! May I ask which colors and sealers etc you use?

  3. Your Zaoll has one of the most impressing FaceUps I´ve ever seen! I´m just working on my first resin FU but your work is one of the most inspiring ever!!! I would die to know how you make the skin looks like this, glowing, paperlike... just more than amazing!!!