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Friday, November 30, 2012

BJD pictures 2012

I tried making a mozaic with my most popular doll pictures from this year, but nay, it definely does not represent everything that I've worked on. So here's a hand-picked selection :

So goals for next year: 
- Find myself a new mold to work with, and I'm already working on that...not getting anywhere right now.
- Get myself a dremel in order to attempt some nice advanced customizaton without hurting my hands.
- Make more creative photo sets, start with not using white background and pastel tones all the time.
- Sculpt more and have my sculpting finished, polished and done.
- Get better in face-ups!


  1. I think your mosaic is beautiful. To me--it looks like an artist's work in review--I can tell a single artist with a specific style worked on it. I love your pastel looks with little pops of color. While it should have a calming effect (with the pastels), it really doesn't. I find it exciting and lovely.

  2. Hello! You mentioned you don't own a dremel, what tools do you use? Your modifications are just lovely and I always enjoy seeing all of your work.