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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Doesn't it make you feel bad?

I just wrote a bunch of lines about recasts, a lot of arguments and feels. But I'm not positing those after all, what's the point?
All I really want to say is: I've been seeing a lot of recast BJD pictures on tumblr and various blogs recently, and it just really makes me sad.

1 comment:

  1. I understand the pain.

    But without some of those I would have never found out about your work tonight.

    Albeit most people are not as determined as me to find the original poster.

    I have been on for 8 years and I have never seen your stuff. There is too much on that website... a lot of it... has little effort put in.

    On tumblr and pin-interest et cetera sites people tend to post the best of the best. One of them was nice enough to use your name "Bluoxyde" to that I could find your official site(within 5 minutes).

    Hope their compliment helps you feel a little better.