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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Should I...?

Lately I was looking at my doll collection and a curisous thought left its seed in my mind - I could sell Ezekiel and get myself the same hybrid combination to have a base for Devin instead. Devin is an aquiatence o Rei's, he is a robot too and one character I would like to explore further on along with his interaction with Rei. The Dollstown elf body would suit him perfectly - much more then it does suit Ezekiel who is, unlike those other two, a real boy.
It would require modding the Dollstown elf body gender-wise yet again of course. This doesn't bothzr me that much though - since Devin is a robot the body mods would be much more deep and interesting then just female-to-male  regular stuff that I do not like doing.
But it would also mean that I need to mod the Zaoll head once again in order to have that lips, nose and eye shape that I like.
Aaaaand now that I think back to it, what gave me much pain about the Dollstown body were the legs : I've modified their shape that looked too chubby and the fat ankles in order to get the elegant thin legs that I like so much on Ezekiel. And that was a pain. And I'm just...not enough into the BJD stuff right now to make myself go through all that work.



  1. Well, obviously, I'm not a collector, I'm just having fun.

  2. I definetly think u should go ahead , I enjoy your work immensely I would love to see more of your characters.

  3. I think one of the things that is great about BJDs is the flexibility that you have with the hobby. The fact that you have the option to modify parts, hybrid dolls, or simple buy a new one gives you endless opportunities to get the exact character you want--with as much or as little artistic endeavor as you want (or are able) to put into it.

    I personally think you are one of the few artists in this world--and I love seeing the results of your work--but you're the one who needs to inspiration. It wouldn't hurt to wait till you feel that inspiration--or again, go for it now, and see what happens, so you at least have what you need on hand for when the inspiration strikes you! :)