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Friday, February 26, 2010

Is it over yet?

Well, looks like my resin-rush period is coming to an end, just as expected!
It's not that I don't like my boys, or have any problem with my faceups/pictures/customs as it could previously happen sometime. I just don't care about dolls that much anymore. See, I got myself a hell of a job, and in addition to it taking a whole lot of time and effort, it makes me stay focused on what's really important. Like, working on my art, possibly learning 3D, moving on and forward to what's real. I love BJD's indeed and looking at all those gorgeous pictures and modifications, and faceups makes me want to put effort into it.
But unless I can get myself into scupting for real, it realy look bleak and tiny compared to other cool things you can do <3

On dirait bien que mon affolement autours de la résine est en train de passer. J'adore toujours mes pti gars, et pour une fois ça ne vient pas de la frustration de ne pas pouvoir les modeler conformément à mes envies, ni du mal que j'aurais eu avec le photos/faceup/autres soucis de BJD. Après tout je m'y attendais, ce n'est que parfaitement logique - le fait de consacrer beaucoup d'attention et de forces au boulot y est pour beaucoup. Mais le boulot m'aide à réaliser aussi ce qui est vraiment important : m'améliorer en dessin, et me mettre à la 3D par exemple, oui.
J'adore les BJD, et toutes ces merveilles que les gens en font - ça donne envie de continuer et d'y consacrer du temps. Mais sauf si j'arrive à me mettre à la sculpture pour de vrai, ça vaut pas...le coup? - c'est pas vraiment la question, mais ça ne vaut certainement pas les autres choses qu'on peut arriver à faire à énergie et investissement égale.
Je vais voir ce que ça va donner dans deux-trois semaines, il est possible que l'envie de m'occuper de ma résine revient en force...qui sait.


  1. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I found the work and time you put into your dolls very inspiring. Not only that but your art and photography as well. Your characters are so unique, and the way your artwork, story, face-ups, set-ups, and photography all tied into your style kept me excited for more news/photos from you. You took your dolls where you wanted to take them. ^^ I have a long way to go when it comes to getting my dolls to a place where I can look at them and say, "Yeah, that's what I wanted!" but thanks to you, and others I have been watching in this community, I have this little jump start in creativity. I hope that whatever you do next helps you to grow even more as an artist and that you just enjoy what you do. ^^

  2. I will miss seeing new images of your creations, but I can appreciate what you are saying. It's a very good thing when real life offers something truly fulfilling. I'm very happy for you. Still, I would be curious to see more of your art when you master 3D! :)