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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


They aren't quite brothers though they call themselves siblings. Two of the same kin, a long lost and forgotten race, ancient divinities that once ruled over the universe while it was young and pure. All of them dwelled in deep slumber since they have left the world to evolve on it's own. Yet some of them awoke and came back into the realm of the living flesh, unable to recall their past existence, thinking they were but mere humans. Thus lived Blyss (who was once called Azrael in the ancient tellings) until his human body was put to death and reborn by the power of his spirit bringing him back again into a human shape. 
Slowly he slipped into madness as he unveiled his godly nature but unwilling to accept it. Burdened by the blurred memories of his timeless past he eventually escapes the circle of insanity by pretending to be a human again, as if nothing happened, trying to get the best of his existance and forget the days of old when his kin was whole and prosperous. 
He does manage to do so, switching personalities and locations all over the universe, until the day he meets a man of little virtue and great intelligence that somehow feels strangely familliar... they become rivals and then enemies that until Imperion who was awere of their Brotherhood all along decides to reveal himself to the youngling...

The elder one is twisted, intelligent, cold and eager for power. The young one is smart, straight-hearted and hot-blooded. Both of them are wreckless and craving, aching for someone to share the unending and lonely happynessless life-time. The same blood of the same kin, they woulnd't need words to speack to each other, and yet you wouldn't even notice their likeness until they want you to see it.
Hayze, who have been given this surname for the mysty color of his eyes that are as if filled with thick fog, is a selfsih jerk, despising the weak and the human kind in general. Yet he is a loving brother and cares for the youngling even more then for his strive for power. Although, he greatly enjoys torturing Blyss before they actually happen to meet face to face...but that's yet another story to tell.


  1. Amazing! I really love reading the background and seeing their characters take a more solid form. Hayze and Blyss are absolutely breathtaking, I can't wait to read more of their story. <3

  2. Dagger, thank you <3
    Writing about them is hella lot more complecated then putting pictures together, but I'll have to give it another try sometime soon:)

  3. I would love to read the actual story... I don't doubt for a second, it will be as original and sophisticated as the illustrations.