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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flash back

It has been a year and a half that I got the BJD virus. I wanted to take a look back at everything that happend  :

When I have decided to get a BJD, I fell totally in love with DoD at first, with Doll-zone then and then with Luts, like most of the people.  And finally discovered Fairyland.
My very first BJD, Ash, that was a Fairyland MNF Karsh, with a default faceup. The very first BJD I have seen as well.

I have owned Kurenai - a minifee Lishe white skin head for a very short time, and have practiced faceup and did my first modification on it.

Later on, I got my hand on Melloxyne, a little Pukifee Zoe, that was an adorable little thing, but I have realised I didn't want anything that small and childish-looking for myself.

I've sold them both when I had discovered the Unoa. I knew about those for a little while, but didn't ever think about getting one, and then suddenly thought about Blyss.

That's when I really got into customizing, painting and photography for real.
I'va also attempted to bring Ash back with a new mold, but I was so fond of Blyss that I didn't give the little guy much of a chance.

That was about the time I also got Seth, my Soom Bygg, that I still own and adore for his grey skin and meanness :D I don't bother taking pictures of him, the tiny dolls are not really my kind of the artwork-subject. He just stayes at my home being all displeased and cute at the same time, and makes me smile.

I had a lot of fun with the unoa hybrid boys, all of them, I'm really glad about getting two of those. The wicked siblings Hayze and Blyss  will remain what I like the most out of all the dolls that I have owned.

And then one day I though, I need more. I've been experimenting with several minifee heads, before, and attempted the same with my unoa faceplates, just for fun. And finally relised that my tastes in terms of sculpts have evolved, along with my drawing and my tastes in art.What I needed was a more mature, complex face and a larger scale, some space for creativity and something different to move on.

And here we get to Vice.

Vice is not as much of a complex character as Blyss, and thus is easier to work with without altering the character himself. Though his story's settings are as far from what you can create with a BJD as possible, I really wanted to attempt that customisation for a long time. I'm glad I did.

I'm still looking for the 'perfect BJD' that i'm sure I won't ever be able to find and/or get for myself, but in the meantime, who knows what comes next? 


  1. Ah! That's really cool seeing where you've been on this Resin Journey! I'm shocked it's only been a year and a half and not longer! It just seems that way since I first saw your work around the time you got Karsh!Ash.

    I'm excited to see what you do with Vice and for any others that come through. It would be cool to see some shots of Seth every now and again (lol) even if it's just a webcam shot of him sitting on a shelf. :D

    Your work is such a huge inspiration and I'm glad, despite the number of dolls, you've stayed with the hobby!

  2. wow only a year and half??! I have been around these resin darlings for a little over 2 years now tho I got my own a little less than a year ago