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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Slumberboy - concept.

Finally finished a concept drawing of this guy:
The character's name is Vergillian Slumber - you can call him Vergil, I'll just stick with slumberboy.

Virgillian used to be an amaizing boy with a powerful gift - that of healing himself and others from any injury or sickness. 
But at the age of 14 he gets himself killed - having his inconscious body tied up and abandoned in an industrial refrigirator. He could heal his wounds but eventually his body froze. Two years later thanks to a blackout the temperature raises and the boy awakens from his sleep. Awake and - undead, with the ability (and a necessity) to suck life out of living things in order to  maintain his own existence that can no longer be retrieved.
He changed his name and kept on going by stealing little shreds of life from the people around him. He's always feeling cold and wears warm clothes even during summer time (unlike what you see on the picture).
The ropes left post-mortem injuries on his body while it was asleep and he can no longer heal those, since he lonst his gift for healing along with his own life. The unnatural lifeless slumber that took over him also left frost marks upon his skin, intricate patterns of blue and white.

The 16-year-old slumberboy is not of a sinister character though, he's a bit cynical, but mainly does what other teenagers do - goes to school, wants to date girls and play video games. Except that he makes people sick in order to survive. And it's kinda hard to date a girld since he also looks quite sickly and still appears to be more like a 14year old kid since his body has a hard time growing up while being... dead.

Eye color: Pink or Blue 
(depending on how cold he is)
Hair color: Pale blue
Skin color: Pale pink
Height: 1m68
Favorite weapon: scarf
Favorite food: hot chocolate


  1. I love the story that is behind him, and the drawings of him look amazing!

  2. WoW! I really love your concept! Your dolls are always full of magic and anteresting details!
    I'm looking for a tattoo concept similar to the Vergil tattoo, but it's really difficult to find, Do you accept commissions?