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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Schedule..or something.

Liste de choses à faire avant d'avoir mes résineux complet et digne d'être montrés.:
Things to do before I can have a complete and decent BJD-familygroup :
Уйма вещей, которые надо пройти, чтобы можно было с чистой совестью показывать моих шарнирных:

- Wait until the "O" faceplate for Blyss gets home (10 days, most likely, oh the pain!)
- Wait until the eyes I got for Blyss get home (wait is the hardest part, seriously.)
- Get the faceup commission done on Azu's unoa faceplate when it gets here
- Get the mod commission done on Tiya's unoa faceplate when it gets here
- Re-do the faceup on Blyss'es regular faceplate
- Do the faceup on Blyss'es "O" faceplate
- Pay the Bully faceplate I have found for Blyss ( a wonder and a miracle )
- Do a faceup on the Human head of my Soom Bygg - Seth (my current problem >.>)
- Probably sell his Unicorn head
- Order a minifee body for Blyss and the ShuShu head for Vice
- Pay and get the Dollmore stuff I have ordered for the boys (for the New year's eve *o*)
- Wait until the Bully faceplate gets home and give it a faceup
- Find a way to get some pinkish fur-ears for Seth (sounds very unlikely >.>)
- Wait for ages until Leeke send the wig I have ordered for Seth.

And then I'll be able to step back and relax for a while -_-"
At least until Fairyland is done with my future order and there will be a huge amount of work: sanding, opening the eyes, blushing the body, doing faceup...*faints*
No more whining - Picture time! I can't wait to have him completed.

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